Our Sponsors

City of New Ulm’s Park and Recreation Department

The Community and Seniors Together (CAST Senior Center) organization would like to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank the City of New Ulm’s Park and Recreation Department for being our largest sponsor, supporting our activities and programs by providing an in-kind lease agreement for the use of the New Ulm Community Center building and facilities. Through their annual contribution, CAST is able to continue its Mission of helping senior citizens of the New Ulm area maintain health, fitness, vitality and independence by providing activities, entertainment, programming and resources, plus learning and socializing opportunities. Many people are unaware that CAST is an independent nonprofit organization, and not run by the City. Without the contribution and support of the Park and Recreation Department, CAST would not be able to operate. We thank you for your continued generosity and support. It is appreciated by all of us who work for, volunteer, and participate in the CAST organization.

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